Napoleon: Birth of the Jewish Allied System: How Whites lost control of Europe at Waterloo


[I found this among things someone gave me a long time ago. And this was written by a white woman or girl. I know the basic story. But it is how the Rothschilds basically took over. It was probably the greatest financial coup in history. You will never see the Rothschilds at the top of the list of the Richest people in the world. But they are at the top of the filthy Jewish heap, and all of the British Royalty and upper classes bow down to them. Scum. The Royal Family are pure filth.

Napoleon was the first to experience the “Jewish Allied system” which would later be used against Germany twice.Jan]

Waterloo, the end of gentile independence

By Julie Mitchell

The Battle of Waterloo signified the end of gentile independence from the Jews in Europe. Napoleon was unshakable in his determination that the Jews should obey the laws of his Empire. The other European nations were governed by aristocrats who were indebted to the Jews. When Napoleon made his triumphant return from Elba, the Rothschilds immediately guaranteed huge loans to every European country which would send an army against him. As a result, Napoleon faced a vast coalition at Waterloo. It was the first instance of the Jewish technique of enlisting “Allied” nations to fight their enemies for them.

During the Battle of Waterloo, the London stockbrokers were fearful of the outcome. Despite the tremendous force arrayed against him, Napoleon was still known as the most brilliant general in Europe. Because the Jews specialized in exchanging information, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, head of the House of Rothschild, had made arrangements to

learn the outcome of the battle from London. No sooner had Napoleon’s troops been defeated than a lieutenant of Rothschild hurried to a hill overlooking the Channel, and late that night, he sent the message by winking lights, “Napoleon has lost”. Then he released a carrier pigeon bound for the London Stock Exchange with the message, “Napoleon has won.”

When Nathan Mayer Rothschild came swaggering into the Stock Exchange the next morning, all was pandemonium. At the news that Napoleon had won, everyone tried to unload their stocks at any price. Only Rothschild knew the truth, and he bought everything that was offered. Prices fell nine hundred percent in a few minutes, and he bought at his own price. When the Exchange closed that afternoon, he owned sixty-two per cent of all shares listed on the Exchange. Many of the great names of England were ruined that day. The next morning, London awoke to learn the truth — Napoleon had been crushed. The London

aristocrats who had been ruined on the Exchange now hurried to do Rothschild’s bidding. The Duke of Marlborough, who had led the British Army to victory at Waterloo, became Rothschild’s ally, after Rothschild had raised a large purse, from the public, of course, and presented it to him. Marlborough became a loyal henchman of the Jews, just as, one hundred years later, his descendant, Winston Churchill, or W. C , as he was known to his subjects (meaning water-closet), became the faceless tool of Baruch and the Rothschilds.

As the master of Europe and the victor over his gentile enemy, Napoleon, the merciless Rothschild had the fallen Emperor shipped to a remote Atlantic island and slowly poisoned with arsenic until he died. Now Rothschild forced all the European nations to take large loans from him. As soon as the nations borrowed the money, the Jews moved into official positions.

The real celebration of the Jewish victory was the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Rothschild ordered the European rulers to meet in Vienna and draft a plan which would make it impossible for another Napoleon to rise to power. They developed the “balance of power” plan, whereby, if any European nation began to get too powerful, the other nations would rally and attack it. In effect, it meant that any future enemy of the Jews would have to face the armies of the other nations, as later occurred against Hitler.

The Congress of Vienna swept away the last restrictions upon the Jews. It guaranteed them “equal rights” in every European country, and they poured out of the ghettoes, seizing government offices, educational positions, and banking posts. The Jewish parasite had become the

unchallenged ruler of the gentile host. It was inevitable that the gentile host should face a terrible future, with its destiny in such cruel, avaricious hands.

Within one hundred years after the Congress of Vienna, all of Europe was embroiled in a calamitous world war. The Jews ended this war in such a manner that a second world war was inevitable. Over one hundred million gentiles lost their lives in these two Jewish wars. The aristocrats of every country except England, which was then Jewish world headquarters, were swept from their thrones. They were cast aside because the Jews had no further use for them, and the Jews now set up their own form of communist government. These Jewish Communist governments stripped the gentiles of all personal property and individual human rights. Only Jews could have a voice in these governments, and those gentiles who opposed them were sent to concentration camps, tortured, and murdered by the millions.?

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