Namibia: White man commits suicide… No Hope for White men…

I was chatting to an Afrikaans lady I know earlier this week. She then told me that a really good friend, a White man she knew well had committed suicide. She told me he lived in Namibia, which was formerly German South West Africa. She said that he had lost his job and I think his sister had died a few months before. There was no hope of work for him plus he suffered from diabetes.

He had killed himself by drinking tablets.

So here we have an example of a White man who sees no hope at all for himself and he chooses to commit suicide.

I NEVER ADVOCATE SUICIDE. NEVER. When I was young, for about 10 years or so, I felt very suicidal. I know what it is to feel like that. But luckily I never would have acted on it.

We must assist Whites and get them out of suicide mode.

But it does show you that life is not fun for some Whites any more.

The lady I know was extremely distraught by this.

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