My Warning to Christians who knock Science… Just because Jews pervert things…


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[This is a note I wrote to a lovely White woman who posts on the social media. She posted a huge list of things she regards as hoaxes. e.g. COVID, etc. Many of the items on the list are things I agree with. But Christians need to beware of how they think about science and technology. Jan]

I wrote this reply to her:
I agree with a bunch of your points, but beware of knocking science. This very platform you are posting on, and we’re communicating on was 100% the production of SCIENCE and never came from the Bible. Never forget that when you switch on the kettle, start your car, phone your family, or you’re warm inside during winter, or you climb in the bath, etc, etc. Christians must beware of knocking science. The Bible is hollow. Science is merely a METHODOLOGY which has nothing wrong with it. The fact that Jews and others infiltrated it and tried to twist it does not make it redundant or faulty. Having a methodology for acquiring high levels of knowledge is possibly the greatest creation of the European Race. Without it, you would be living like the Blacks of Africa in huts.

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