My thoughts on Trump’s assassination on Iran: What wars will it actually lead to? What now?

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In 2006 as a result of my book, Government by Deception and my website AfricanCrisis, I made contact with former President PW Botha. He was very nice to me and he began phoning me. I published articles of things he told me about. He was so impressed with my accuracy when I wrote on my website what he told me, that he later invited me to stay at his house for 5 days. In this interview, I discuss some of the things that PW Botha and I discussed, and what he told me.

Interestingly, even Britain the perennial lapdog of the USA, was not in on the Iran attack. That’s miffed them. But there may be a reason for it. It may be that even the UK might NOT have approved this. It makes it hideously clear to the entire world that the USA is merely bending to Israel. Its so in-your-face.

I don’t think Trump is going to invade and have a ground war with Iran. The only part of Iran worth invading and occupying, is the oil rich portion next to Iraq. The rest of it is too hideous to fight in.

I think Trump’s real goal is that he WANTS retaliation so that he can bomb the 52 targets he wants. I think that’s the key issue here. By bombing those targets, Trump will effectively put Iran out of business for a very long time. I think that’s the goal.

I don’t think this will lead to a WW3, but it is definitely going to push tensions into new levels that the Jews are dreaming of.

In these times, wars are fought by proxy, and Russia is on the offensive too, with a renewal of the Cold War … in a softer way.

I think Russia will be doing brisk business, beefing up Iran’s military and equipment.

I think Trump has, in this back-handed way done a 1/2 war on Iran instead of the “Full War” which Israel has been wanting for so long.

I think for Trump, doing bombing runs and using drones, he gets to knock out the main military bases and whatever other infrastructure is key to Iran. I think it will set Iran back in a big way and Israel will be overjoyed.

However, it will be interesting to see how the Russians, as the main military suppliers to Iran, handle this.

This will put us firmly into the “new cold war”. It will probably damage Iran a lot.

I’m certain Trump WANTS the retaliatory attacks, so he can hit the 52

I don’t think ANY big country, neither the USA, nor Russia, nor China, will want to escalate this into a bigger war. All the modern wars are fought by proxies and if the US and Russia get involved, its mostly with additional special forces.

This is a reminder of how wars were fought in Europe before Napoleon.

Wars were fought with small professional armies, and they were fought for limited gains.

There is too much to lose. Nobody will go in all the way.

I think diplomatically, internationally, this is a DISASTER for the USA. The US is seen as nothing more than a bully for Israel. This will haunt the USA for a very long time.

I am pleased to see that Europe is not too keen on this. I think we’re seeing Europe drawing further away.

It will be curious to see how this affects the USA and UK.

Does this finally push the UK closer to Europe? That could be a pleasant surprise.

I think Europe’s time is coming. Europe is very quietly not playing along. And when it plays along, it does so with reluctance.

Putin’s resumption of the Cold War, is also a bit silly. He is sending aircraft into Europe as if he can conquer Europe. This is not possible. Europe in its current state can easily stop Russia, if it decided to build up its military forces. Its science is the best in the world. It has had 70+ years to rebuild itself. Its in great shape.

I think we’re entering a good time. I think that in the long run, whites are just getting tired of the Jews and Elite and their BS.

Even the people in the military, surely can’t be too charmed with some of this stuff.

The US has begun pulling its military out of Africa. Russia and China are posing threats elsewhere.

But I think for the most part, the USA will be seen as nothing more than a bully for Jews and Israel and it may finally galvanise new forces for the future against the USA.

The most important thing, will be whites who are tired of endless stupid wars in the Middle East for no real reason.

Bigger things may grow out of this madness to which Trump has gone.

I think, as a final thought, that Cold War #2, is going to get hotter and it will be back for decades to come.

My hope is that Europe quietly distances itself from the USA and becomes an independent force in the world. An independent and more sane force.

In the end, everyone will just hate Jews.

I also think that Globalism is winding down slowly and that the enormous scams of the Jews in economic fields globally, is coming to an end.

We are facing a very interesting world. I don’t think the Third World is doing well either.

I’m hoping that in the years and decades to come, that if things can HOT UP, slowly and steadily, that we whites can then make the most of it, so that we can make our break for our own racial freedom and seizing back the Western world.

I think the age of Liberalism is coming to an end globally. But I am also quite convinced that America and Europe will be great powers even at this time.

My hope however, is that Europe will be far greater. It has much greater potential. It should become the dominant portion of our race.

It is the rejuvenation of Europe AND, more importantly, our entire race that I’m looking forward to. The time is coming for us to arise as a race.

The time is coming to kick the Jews & elite aside.

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