My Short Email to Matt Hale’s Mother…. The White Race: We are NOT quitters, nor losers!

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[I wrote this short note to Matt's Mom. I feel sorry for her and her son, but what can I say to her? I do admire their tenacity, and that is all we have, regardless. I say the same thing to the Boers and Whites over here in SA. I tell them: We've never been losers and we aren't going to be losers in the future either. I try to say the same to the Rhodesians, but their spirits are so broken. I'll tell you later more about what a loser country Zimbabwe is. It's even more of a loser country than just even a few years ago. I look upon Zimbabwe with utter disgust and contempt and I think to myself: So you were the "better people" who replaced the Whites hey? Phooey! I had a fascinating discussion with a Black from Zimbabwe recently. It was quite astounding what I was told – and it shows the abyss they have sunk into – even worse than what it was just a few years back! Jan]

This was my short note:

Hi Evelyn,

I’m very sorry that Trump has failed you and your son. But you did your utmost. Life continues after Trump. He’s failed everyone.

I hate his love of stupid Israel. What a fool.

But we will create new leaders. I do believe the momentum that has started will continue to grow. 2020 was a year that leaves us with much impetus.

I admire your determination. In the end that is all we have, the determination of our people. That’s what we are.

We are not quitters, nor are we losers.

Take care

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This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

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