My Old Original Government by Deceptions with the face of Nelson Mandela – can’t be found…

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I have had some people trying to find my original copies of Government by Deception. I printed 300 only, and they were printed in America. I don’t have a copy of any of them. But my Government by Deceptions, the original ones, were printed with a nasty face for Nelson Mandela. If you look at the newer ones with Robert Mugabe and blood and a jail cell…. that used to be Nelson Mandela’s face I had on there.

When I wanted to print it in SA people advised me to not use the Mandela face, so I printed the remaining ones without the Mandela face.

But since I only printed 300, they are quite a collector’s item and I only printed that small number.

People have been hunting for the Nelson Mandela face ones. If I find that we can’t find any, and if people truly want them, I could make a plan to recreate them. I have got most everything for it. And I could maybe do very limited prints. That stuff is quite doable these days.

I’m quite surprised that none can be found. I am amazed at how my book has disappeared even from used book stores. There used to be a lot of them around.


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