My Most Controversial Video of recent months: Anders Breivik, the Greatest White Wolf – Lone Wolf Operations


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I have noticed, from the time I launched by video about the Norwegian killer, Anders Breivik, that people, even close supporters of mine went wild! And some people were damned angry at that video. I monitor my comments from my websites all the time now, and I must tell you, that the discussions on Bitchute about Anders Breivik has resulted in the most intense controversy that I’ve ever had on my bitchute channel.

I must admit, that quietly, I’ve ENJOYED this! I actually did NOT set out to do a controversial video. I had wanted to form MY OWN OPINION about Breivik, and the end result was that video. I was quite happy that Breivik actually is not such a monster as people proclaim. When you look at what he stands for, he is actually just asking for very reasonable things. But the fact that he killed those "children", future Traitors actually, who were being POLITICALLY EDUCATED (aka BRAINWASHED), is what has created a sensation. The comments are pouring in daily as people debate this with intensity.

I’ve stepped back a bit and will dive in later. However, you might find the intensity of the discussion among the whites fun, and you may well want to join in. So here is the link:

A Final point, regardless of what Breivik, Barend Strydom or the other did, the fact of the matter is that one also has a MILITARY LESSON which the males need to study. And the military lesson is about what I could call: Lone Wolf Operations. It is a simple military fact that white men study ANY example of warfare or violence because there are very relevant, inherent lessons to be found therein. So even when you are looking at "evil actions", you ignore all morality and you focus on technique. Its like studying swimming, running, tennis or any other sport. Technique is important and very valuable. This is the basis of progress.

So even if one does not like what Breivik did, HOW HE DID IT, is a lesson that all males can study.

These military studies are something I will be turning to, more and more often. Even in Breivik’s own plans, he made assumptions and errors, and things went wrong, and he had a change of plans. This is where the different white wolves make for a fascinating study. We need to spend a bit of time looking at their techniques and what they did and what we can learn from them. THIS IS NORMAL MILITARY HISTORY STUFF! AND ALL WHITE MEN MUST GET INTO THIS KIND OF THINKING!!!!

For example, when I look at Breivik, I see a number of errors, but he also had ideas which made up for it, and thus he was able to pull of the amazing stunt that he did, as a single, lone white male. Dylann Roof on the other hand, might actually have had the best plan of everyone. His plan worked like clockwork, he achieved his original goal and more. He made virtually no errors. That is incredible. The different white wolves all had their plusses and minuses.

The take away from this for WHITE MALES is: WHAT CAN A WHITE MALE ACHIEVE BY HIMSELF … and the bottom line is: A F*CKING LOT!!!!! 🙂 But some were better than others.

A Final point is that all, or almost all of them, had NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE! That is fantastic. They had no training, no experience, and what they did, they did by themselves.

That is a huge take-away from this.

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