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2005: S.Africa: Trigger-happy black man kills himself
You can‘t make this stuff up. The Black fires randomly at some other Blacks ... then they shout at him ...

NB: There are people who have sent me messages and I have not replied to anyone because in the last 10 days I was very busy with critical website changes that I needed to do immediately. I will begin replying to people and answering people from tomorrow.

I have kept back on sending out my monthly donation request because I wanted to get clarity on the legal matters. Yesterday I phoned a "state official" under the guidance of my Boer Attorney (2nd Attorney). I am waiting for the "state official" to get back to me with information and updates I requested.

Last night I had a very long discussion with someone about the 1st attorney. That is a story that has developed an enormous life of its own because it affects more than 25 other people.

This week will be a very interesting one, especially with regard to what the state is doing.

I cannot say anything more, because things are in progress and we’re checking everything and watching everything carefully.

If you haven’t seen my short video update on matters then just use this link here:

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2005: S.Africa: Black Children as young as 5 have sex at school
This was a news story from the mass media about young Black children having sex at school.

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