My Letter to Americans: Re: Vietnam War & the soft & bad attitude of Americans to the Military and War


[This is a note I wrote to some people who were against the Vietnam war. Jan]

For the record, I’m not against war, if it has a real purpose. After WW2, America and Britain both claimed they would fight communism. With Hitler gone, the greatest communist killer of all time … and Europe broken, etc… the dumb, retarded Anglo-American world had loosed Jewish Bolshevism on the world stage AND Britain and America, especially America, played a MASSIVE ROLE in strengthening the Soviet Union. Thus, thanks to the dumb Jew-loving Anglo world, Europe was smashed and defenceless, and the Soviets were stronger than Russia has ever been. They continued with communist conquest of the world. There was the Korean war – which itself contains lots of bizarre weirdness and ended in a stalemate. Then there’s Vietnam. 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam. I have my own thoughts on Vietnam. I think the US Military really wanted to be unleashed on the communists to smash them in some way. I’m not fully sure how wise it was as a war, but the US Military was keen on it. I think the US Military at times, chomps at the bit and wants to get stuck into enemies, but is bound by the retarded politicians. The Soviet Union and China were big players in stoking those Asian wars. If the West had won, it would have meant that they could crush communism. But instead it turned into a disaster in which 50,000 Americans died for nothing. Vietnam, technically speaking, like the wars we Whites fought in Africa should never have been lost. But thanks to it’s loss it held America back a lot, and effectively the Western world’s new defender was toothless and useless. One thing I notice about you Americans, is that you don’t seem to grasp the importance of safety and the danger of war. You live on a continent where you are 100% safe. Where you have large oceans giving you space and you have no nearby enemies. You do not grasp the danger of the Europeans. You do not grasp the danger of smaller nations like us Whites in Africa. You people truly do not grasp the importance of safety. You’ve become very soft and very lax on so many things and you allow so many things that, in other smaller nations would be suicide. You think you can live in peace forever and that everyone can be your friend. You truly do NOT grasp the dangers and brutality of this world. But, thanks to the Jews in your midst, you will learn this very nasty lesson. One day, you too, will learn that you need to pull out a weapon and just go and kill someone. At this time, life is too good, too easy and too soft for you. In many respects, you don’t even grasp what your military actually does for you.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this to you, but I will say it again: America is Carthage, and Europe is Rome. You put finance and money and economy above the value of a military, and that is a big error. Even in my studies of Professor Quigley and the Evolution of Civilisation, Quigley raised the critical importance of having a powerful military.

While you do not appreciate your military, at least, thank god, you have the ability to own personal firearms. That’s your saving grace.

But I will tell you, I think you are all very lax on the matter of safety. You do not grasp the violence of this world. The Europeans understood and still understand this much better. And Hitler had no illusions about this matter.

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