My Legal Issues … Quick notes…


I need to put out updates, but have been running behind, so give me a few days.

I’m working as much and as fast as I can.

Some of you will recall in my last update the "Fake Attorney" issue that bloody well arose in August and gave me intense problems for weeks.

Well, there MIGHT BE A Jewish-link to this Fake Attorney story. It has to do with someone who I had met and knew in the movement over here. There is a man who has been doing some really nasty things and has caused HUGE problems for other organisations. He played a key role in introducing me, and setting me up with the Fake Attorney! This man’s name, upon deeper research, may indicate a Jewish link. A number of my close friends and supporters showed me the evidence for this.

We decided to let the Fake Attorney issue rest, despite the problems he had caused me. However, last week, one of my close supporters came up with an idea. He told me of something that I could try, via the normal processes.

So on Friday, as well as much of today, I was dashing around with paperwork to various places and doing a bunch of legal stuff.

I want to see what possible things can come from this. What’s nice about these moves is that I could see some results relatively quickly.

So this is a separate issue to the original issue. The original issue is being monitored by my 2nd Attorney.

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