My Fascination with Whites & our use of Animals in War … from Ancient to Modern – Also: Horses & Dogs


One of the areas I’ve been taking a look at, on and off for quite some time, has been the use of animals in warfare by our race. We have a great affinity for animals which is unlike that of other races. We have used animals massively.

An animal I am not particularly fond of is the horse. But I must tell you, when I see what the horse has done for our race, in Europe and across the globe, the horse stands out as an animal that has served us more than any other in our worst tribulations.

I am fascinated by the Roman War dogs, but am not finding much information on this.

I am VERY INTERESTED in all facets of using animals in war, and I have a particular set of Rhodesian stories to tell that I don’t think people know about.

So keep an eye open for anything about any kind of animal in war. I’ve looked at lots of examples, but am always keen to hear about new ones.

I have my own theory that animals can still assist us in the future, and I have particular ideas for us whites in Africa.

Here in Africa I will tell you, dogs have saved our lives more times than you know. I regard animals as being more reliable than humans as allies, and with some technology … I think great things might be possible in certain conditions.

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