My Concerns: Trump’s Court cases seem to be falling apart? – Chain of Command breaking down?

I’m trying to monitor the US Election quite regularly because this whole thing concerns me. So bear with me for this, BECAUSE I BELIEVE THIS IS OF HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE. It is critical. So every day that passes by is critical. I am convinced we will still see books written about these critical days and weeks as well as documentaries about it. So I’m very interested in watching and assessing it, regardless of how it turns out.

But sadly, I am again getting concerned that this is going to be bad.

I am very concerned, again, as I watch and monitor the latest Liberal news from the USA. To me it is as if Trump’s moves to deal with matters through the courts is falling apart.

There are things I don’t understand about the election which went totally skew in a few hours, and the recounts. There are things that don’t make sense to me.

Someone had mentioned that Trump’s Ace Card, or so he believed, was to pursue matters through the courts. I see he has had some recounts and it appeared to me that the recounts were even done physically, manually, by people. And the results don’t seem to have changed things at all.

I am thus a bit confused now as to whether the Dominion software vote counting machines come in, and where the physical counting comes in. I thought that almost all the vote counting had been done by computer.

Then there’s the critical issue of attorneys being intimidated. Is the intimidation of attornies big enough to cause his legal moves to collapse?

To me it is as if something in Trump’s "chain of command" is breaking down. Its as if he’s giving orders and others are giving orders and then … little that is constructive comes out of this.

I think something IS VERY WRONG. Something is so wrong that he won’t be able to fix it in time, and thus he’s history.

This is most concerning. I still think that in a few years from now, we’ll get the real answer, but by then it will be too late and it won’t matter any more.

It is sad. But it is also LIFE, and we whites must dive in and face life and fight thing through, regardless of how nasty the situation is.

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