My Boer Nazi pal: General Von Manstein – Had a Jewish father – Hitler’s Chauffeur a half Jew – SS

My Boer Nazi pal wanted me to correct him email wherein he mentioned Manheim, when in fact he was talking about General Von Manstein.

I’m a huge fan of Von Manstein. The German officers all agreed that Von Manstein was their best guy. Even a British General, Mungo Melvin has written a book about Von Manstein as Hitler’s greatest General.

My Boer NAZI pal has raised the issue of half Jews who served the Germans well. In the case of Von Manstein, his biological father was a Kashubian Jew. But he was raised as a Christian.

I know he and Hitler had a fall out and Hitler fired him in the last year of the war, and the Germans thus lost their best guy who sat at home for a year. Its a topic I will return to. Guderian himself said that Von Manstein was not at his best form when dealing with Hitler. It seems Von Manstein was intimidated by Hitler – I think. So that’s sad. Von Manstein also TURNED DOWN all requests to team up against Hitler. He was called to take part in plots and he refused. He said a Prussian does not do this. So he was always loyal to Hitler.

My Boer NAZI pal also raised the issue before about Hitler’s chauffeur, who was also a half-Jew and Hitler admitted him into the SS as the first member of the SS. Himmler did not like this but Hitler overrode him.

The problem we sit with, as whites, is that Jews have been interacting and interbreeding with whites to such a degree that you find your nation sitting with all these 1/2 Jews, 3/4 Jews, 1/4 Jews. And this makes it very difficult.

I think 150,000 1/2 Jews served Germany in WW2.

So my Boer NAZI pal, as hard right as he is, is softer on the 1/2 Jews who are raised as non-Jews.

In the case of Von Manstein, he was raised as a Christian.

These are among the complexities that come from having Jews in large numbers, for a long time in one’s society.

And Hitler’s decision on his chauffeur shows how Hitler handled this issue.

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