My Boer Dentist & I discuss COVID… It is better to GET COVID … because its here to stay…


I really needed to get to my dentist today. I was talking to my dentist today and he said he knows of people who lost their houses and even their businesses because of the problems of the COVID lockdown. Furthermore, he pointed out that COVID can’t just go away either. It’s here to stay. So what do we do? Wear masks for the rest of our lives?

He was saying that his brother who is a doctor had COVID for weeks WITHOUT EVEN REGISTERING ANY SYMPTOMS!!!! He also made the point that COVID is not going to disappear. This is very important. This silly Jewish/Chinese flu is here, and it can’t go away. It will mutate. So what now?

He said that it’s better to get COVID so that you get antibodies, because at some time you will be infected with it. It’s like the flu. Everyone has had the flu.

Because some of his patients are old he is very careful. He says only one of his patients died from COVID. This is the first COVID death I’ve come across from anyone I know.

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