My BIG THANKS to the ShitLordHub Blog spot… Whites do NOT need Google or Search Engines any more!

I’ve been meaning for a long time to thank the owner(s) of this website. It seems to be a news aggregation site … probably all automated.

But I want to thank them very much for being a news aggregator. They bring more traffic to me than any of the search engines including Google.

The search engines, including “mighty” Google are so censored these days as to be practically USELESS for ALL PURPOSES!

Truly The ShitLordHubBlogSpot is proof that we do NOT NEED Search Engines like Google any more.

I wish whites would create MORE News Aggregation sites. It will be fantastic. We will be able to move our news around without Google.

If we had enough News aggregation sites, we would not need Facebook, Youtube or Google any more.

And I do think we could do a simple search engine for ourselves if we ever needed to that gets to our stuff.

I’ve monitored my hits from TheShitLordHub blogspot for many months now and daily they beat everyone.

So Heil Hitler and 14/88 to TheShitLordHubBlogspot.

Here is their link:

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