My Assessment: Unquestionably: Lockdowns & COVID – The Final Straw that BREAKS the White Race’s back…

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In my years of writing on websites and assessing people and situations in various countries, I’m telling you, that this COVID crap, driven by the asshole Bill Gates and his cronies, and whoever else are involved in this, are sowing the seeds for actual warfare and serious unrest across the Western world, even in very tame White Liberal countries like Canada. You can even see some of it in Jewish Britain, and it most definitely exists in Europe – big time.

I’ve NEVER BEFORE seen so many angry White people, really angry, and they are also beginning to talk about BREAKING THE LAW and TAKING THEIR LIVES BACK.

In America, we still have the additional stuff like the whole Presidential election and there, the data, especially from computer scientists and experts is unquestionable. So in the USA we have additional fuel in terms of the election plus BLM and Antifa have recently been burning down some places again.

I have lived in countries that had long term unrest and war – Rhodesia, South Africa and those states around us. I can tell you, that my reading of the ANGER that is being expressed by Whites, that this stuff is the beginning of REAL CHANGE.

DEFINITELY. And what is really interesting is that it is ACROSS THE WEST, with 2 extremes being North America and Europe.

Between COVID and Lockdown (the worst thing), and the jab … you have 3 things that are irritating people.

One thing nobody has explained to me yet, has been: What are the LONG TERM EFFECTS OF THE SHUTDOWN OF THE TOURISM INDUSTRY IN EUROPE ESPECIALLY and in North America.

Whole airlines have taken enormous hits. The tourism industry for decades was a stable source of income. Now it’s hit on a massive scale across ALL Western countries. What will happen to pilots, air hostesses, hotel staff, etc? What is happening to their INCOME?

Then you have the entire medical industry and the weirdness there and you’re getting nurses, doctors and scientists starting to talk.

a) Income.
b) Personal health and health of loved ones.

You can’t pick 2 more explosive issues. When you bring things to a person’s house, health, and income … you’re PLAYING WITH FIRE. That is the point where people begin to lose their shit.

I am wondering if shitbags like Bill Gates, have thought that rolling out a vaccine is as tame as rolling out X-Box or PCs?
It’s not the same. You’re f*cking with things inherent and CRITICAL to people’s lives.

If you stop a person from getting food and shelter and you’re messing with their health … you’re moving into a danger zone.

Millions of people, despite all the attempts to print endless amounts of money, have lost their jobs even in the USA. We also don’t know how many got a new job but are earning less or doing something they don’t like.

The lockdown is the single worst thing, but the vaccine might yet develop into a long term ulcer and source of real anger as people die or their health is damaged in some way.

Now remember, I am watching the markets, and I reckon, that the financial systems are also dodgy and all that money printing is not good.

I have pondered for a long time, WHEN WILL GLOBALISM END, and I think we’re reached the "saturation point". Everything is now stagnating everywhere. Here in South Africa, we’re talking about actual collapse of various government functionality. Now in Weimar Germany, when Germany was run by Jewish Liberals and Jewish Communists, there was a period of time that Germany was in that stagnant state. You will see that from 1919, to 1933 when Hitler came to power that first you had lots of unrest and violence and Jewish Communism. You were in these extremes of Jewish Liberalism and Jewish Communism at the same time. During this time, ALL THE METHODS TRIED BY THE JEWS DID NOT WORK. The system kept collapsing again and again. The economy was in a mess and the democratic political system was collapsing again and again. NOTHING WORKED and yet they kept trying again and again with the same old methods over and over and NOTHING WORKED. Nothing worked, until Hitler rose to power. Then he turned things around on a dime. But BEFORE HITLER… there was chaos, economic problems, political unrest and violence, political instability, etc.


Here in South Africa, the situation is much worse. But here, you can see the endless reruns of the failures of economics. We have things collapsing and then they try to revive it and it collapses again. Our national airline has collapsed 3 times financially in 20 years. But the pattern is similar to Weimar Germany.

I think therefore, that the real missing element is WHITE ANGER … but now COVID has really lit a fire ACROSS THE WEST. This is great. It means Germans are pissed off at the same time that Americans are pissed off. Very excellent stuff.

I think the scale of this is so great and the anger and PERSONALITIES AND ISSUES that it is unlocking, will create serious long term problems. You have all kinds of people jumping up and beginning to tell audiences about their anger AND they have the TECHNOLOGY and means to spread it.


The system that you knew, in January 202, WILL NEVER RETURN. EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. The Liberalism and the cute, junk, fairy tales you’ve been fed since 1945, will give way to real anger and systems that are so damaged that even the governments and even the super rich cannot fix them.

But the ANGER of the people, and the words and concepts and ideas which will come out of this, and the energy that Whites will put into this will create all kinds of movements and it will eventually spill into politics and life and culture and values.

WE ARE HEADING FOR UPHEAVAL, and these people in this state of mind, where they realise they are being lied to … these people will be open, for the first time in their lives, to radical NEW IDEAS and NEW INFORMATION.

The world 10 years from now is going to be VERY DIFFERENT to the world you have known ALL YOUR LIFE.

I was even watching some stuff from Ray Dalio, and American billionaire who ran huge hedge funds and who has a pretty decent record as a relatively honest guy. He has been doing long term analysis talking about a 75 year LONG DEBT CYCLE which collapses. He says we are 75% through this period. That by his estimation collapse is about 10-15 years away. I think this is the most reasonable prediction.


Wave goodbye to Jewish Liberalism. We may experience Jewish Communism for a time … but WE HAVE LIFT OFF. And there is going to be serious upheaval.

BOTTOM LINE: The White Race is going to drive the most RADICAL SOCIAL CHANGE SINCE … the 1920s-1930s.

2020 was the same as say, 1919. We’re on our way. Massive change is coming, REAL CHANGE IS COMING … hold on to your hats for a ride on the wild White tiger.

This stuff is also CONTAGIOUS. In the 1920s, ideas spread from one White nation to another, even silly Britain was infected with the (((truth))) for a while!!! Even dumb Jewish Britain can you believe?

And the upheaval will include the beginning of conflicts too.

Liberalism is gone AND IT WON’T BE COMING BACK… Forget everything you know. Everything is going to change and it will be massive, across the Western world.

You’re about to see real things happening.

It will NOT come from the billionaires or the government. It will come from the WHITE MASSES.

Liberalism, I have noted, was a very careful scam … it was a scam that needed to be handled very gently. It was very FRAGILE. The new stuff will be made of much tougher, stronger material, more in line with our thinking. It will not be Jewish thinking. It will be White thinking.

Those people who have been thinking that all our time on the Internet was wasted, will be shocked to see that in fact, things have been working, but you just never saw it out in the open. The effects were cumulative BUT INVISIBLE. Now it will be VISIBLE.

There is no ways in hell we’re going back to the previous system, and even the super rich are not intending taking us back.

COVID and all its assorted bullshit, is the straw that broke the fragile back of Liberalism. It may be that the super rich and others are going to try to guide us into the direction they want, but they WILL FAIL. This thing will have an unstoppable life of its own. It will tear down anything … even the richest and even the most powerful. There is no other way.

Liberalism is OVER. Finished. Done.

The sleeping White Giant is about to stir for the first time in a century … It’s going to be a wild, awesome ride!

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