My Analysis: Is Trump an idiot? He is very happy about 2024 – But will he be OUTWITTED AGAIN?


I have been wondering all year, WHEN will Trump push for Biden to be removed from office? The election was totally rigged. The proof is there … so Biden needs to be removed from office. It concerned me that Trump is proving the election was rigged – but what about the fact that a crook and thief is the President?

It appears to me that Trump is a fool. Let me explain.

The weird twist in this election fraud thing is that if Trump gets back into power then he only has 3.5 years of the term left. Furthermore, he can’t run again in 2024. But if he misses this term, then it appears he can be President for 8 years in total starting in 2024. So it would seem like a "good deal" that he gets back in, in 2024 … he is very popular and then he will be better off, in terms of time to rule and change America.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Jews and Communists, and it is that they SEIZE POWER NOW. They don’t wait for later. They grab with BOTH HANDS what they can get NOW. They are dirty, filthy, ruthless scum. They lie for IMMEDIATE GAIN.

It seems to me that Trump is now sort of enjoying this break and using it to build something bigger for 2024.

Remember Trump listens to the disgusting young Jew that his daughter married and that young Jew, Kushner, has given Trump nothing but bad advice. Yet Trump seems retarded enough to continue listening to the young scumbag.

Trump was cheated and screwed over thoroughly with this last election.

I am wondering, seriously, whether Trump might not, as many Whites do, take it easy and take the "long road" feeling confident that he is in for GREAT THINGS from 2024 onwards. But in reality, he was tricked and cheated and outwitted in 2020 … what’s the bet that they will be able to trick and cheat him in 2024 or some time thereafter?

Trump is also old. And waiting 3.5 years only to start again might not be a good thing.

Trump also has softened his stance. He used to be much more aggressive back in 2016. He seems to be getting softer.

The more I look at Trump, the more I think, he’s going to be f*cked over again, and he’s too weak. By the time he gets back in, the enemy could have new tricks and traps in place.

To defeat Jews and their communist and Liberal pals, YOU NEED TO HAVE TEETH, RUTHLESSNESS AND DETERMINATION.

Many Whites, including the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa just did not have that level of aggression that you need to win. The Germans under Hitler DID have that sort of determination. But modern Whites are still far too soft in the head, and Trump seems to me to be as soft as we were in Africa.

I think Trump is a lost cause and a waste of time to be frank with you.

If he was determined he would have moved mountains to tear down and KICK BIDEN OUT NOW. If you don’t have that level of determination, you will be beaten again by an enemy that is utterly RUTHLESS.

We have to be much more RUTHLESS and determined. This is the only way forward.

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