Mugabe refuses to surrender: Will South Africa & Angola invade Zimbabwe?

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[The events here in South Africa and southern Africa since that mass protest by the whites against farm murders has left me astounded. I can hardly keep up with the events here, coming thick and fast. This is the latest from Zimbabwe. The independent website ZimEye is reporting that Mugabe as REFUSED to give up power! This is what I was so interested in, because this is critical. Furthermore, President Zuma of South Africa seems to be clearly in favour of international intervention. But I suspect it will be black African intervention in Zimbabwe.

The strongest military power in southern Africa other than South Africa and Zimbabwe is Angola. Zuma has sent an envoy to Angola. They too are communists like the ANC, ZANU, etc.

In the article below from ZimEye they mention “Bob” – this is the colloquial name the Zimbabweans use for Robert Mugabe. So this makes me wonder who is tricking who? Its beginning to appear to me as if Mugabe may have outwitted his opponents yet again. If so, then military intervention – WAR/INVASION is on the cards to install Mugabe back in power if the Zimbabwe Army and the war veterans don’t back down.

This has many interesting possibilities I tell you. This would explain why the soldiers stopped the SADC delegation from entering Zimbabwe. This opens up the fascinating possibility of war and violence. But the added twist is that this is black vs black on the SAME SIDE. This would be blacks who are in the same political party fighting each other. Of course the odds would then be on Mugabe’s side! I thought there was a trick to this. We’ll have to watch this closely! Jan]

Here’s the ZimEye article:-

Staff Reporter | Under siege President Robert Mugabe is reportedly sticking to “his guns” as he ends a day under siege from the military which has surreptitiously taken over power.

The army led by General Constantino Chiwenga has made several demands of Mugabe, which reliable sources told ZimEye he has refused to agree to. A source said Mugabe “will use his final breadth to fight to the end.” The source who is in the high level up and down sensitive negotiations said, “mudhara is fighting, it’s not easy for them.”

Zuma, who is the chairman of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), dispatched a special envoy to Angola over the Zimbabwe issue.

Defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and the State Security counterpart Bongani Bongo were sent to Harare to meet with Mugabe and the Zimbabwean Defence Force (ZDF).

Mugabe has apparently refused to step down and has demanded that all his missing wife’s allies be accounted for, it was not clear who the missing are as there are conflicting reports especially on the whereabouts of Jonathan Moyo and Savior Kasukuwere. There were gun shots and arrests early this morning as the army went on an all out to smoke out senior government ministers and politicians aligned to Mugabe’s wife Grace. It is reported that Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo’s security personel were gunned down, with no other reports of casualties. There are reports that Moyo is with the Mugabe’s under house arrest.

Apparently this impasse leaves the army with no option but to up the tempo with some suggesting a state of emergency might soon be declared. Meaning the army generals are caught between a rock and a very hard place for the simple reason that should they appear to the international community to be effecting marshall law that destroys their legal legitimacy paving the way for international military intervention. At present Zuma is on the side of an international military intervention by force and otherwise, these are controls that Bob had years before provided for his cushion.

ZimEye can also reveal there are opposition leaders being roped in to legitimise the government take-over.
Politics and law expert Dr Nkululeko Sibanda made these revelations earlier Wednesday morning


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