More Jewish crap to ignore: Whites … BECOME JUDGEMENTAL … think CRITICALLY

I see so much Jewish shit which is actually NOT White, NOT European, it’s Jewish garbage and must be treated with the utter contempt it deserves.

I’ve seen lots of Jewish garbage about "Emotions" and "Sensitivity" – which I think, in reality hides another level of Jewish malicious nonsense. Don’t buy into that garbage.

However, I see people, especially women, TRYING TO NOT BE JUDGEMENTAL. Stop the bus. Get off that freaking bus.

White/Western civilisation IS BASED ON LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING.

I repeat, LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING is extremely important. This is the basis of science, progress and even military and other success. You MUST be LOGICAL and you MUST THINK CRITICALLY.

You MUST BECOME JUDGEMENTAL. This is critical. You need to take your mind out of it’s mothballs and begin thinking hard, and DEEP. This lies at the very root of the wonderful achievements of our race.



Learn to think and ANALYZE ENDLESSLY.

Ignore all the Jewish crap. Don’t listen to Jewish advice. It’s garbage.

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