#BS#May Day is getting violent – May Day was always COMMUNIST

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#BS#May Day is an example of Communism grabbing on to something and turning something that was fun, into a political event. Now it is politicised across the world and notice how it is the front for violence against the States. Antifa, etc are abusing it.

This is more of the over tolerance of Jewish communism in the West. Communism needs to be removed from the West for once and for all. It is a violent Jewish revolutionary idea, and it is tolerated far too much.

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Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks
A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life.

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