Important: Matt Hale’s Birthday; July 27th, 49 AC (2022 old year)

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[A very important note from Branden who does his utmost for Matt who is sitting in jail due to a setup. I urge people to send him a Birthday Card. He's sitting in that horrible place for a long time, and I don't know when we will ever be able to get him out. So think of him. He did his utmost for us. He was the guy who stood up as the Pontifex Maximus of Creativity after Ben Klassen, the Founder. I love Creativity and what it stands for. This is one of our own people, and Matt had a lot of courage. I've dug quite a bit more into what happened to him, and I have more things to say in a video about Matt in particular. We have our heroes. Many are Americans, from the late great George Lincoln Rockwell, right through to modern times. And Matt Hale is one of them. But I have a particular love of the Church of Creativity. I think it's awesome. Finally, read the rules carefully below because if you violate the rules of his jailers, he will not get your letter. So we are fully at their mercy and you need to abide by these tedious rules. We all have work to do to save our race, and our people. There's much to be done. And standing by each other is critical. Jan]

Hi Supporters,

Just a reminder that Matt’s birthday is coming up on the 27th of July. He’ll be 51 years old. Send him a birthday card or note when you get a minute. It’d cheer him up tremendously. Here’s his address and some mail tips for your convenience:

Matthew F. Hale #15177-424
PO BOX 1000
MARION, IL 62959

Mail Tips:

  • Letters to Matt must have a return address on them or they will not be delivered to Matt.
  • White envelopes only
  • stamped or hand-written addresses only “to and from” (i.e. no address stickers).
  • No sticky tape of any kind.
  • When sending Matt cards, they must be white envelopes, just photo copy the card and send the copy, Matt said if they copy the card, it will only be in black and white. If you copy the card, it can be in color. Of course, stamped or hand-written addresses on the envelope.
  • No words in letters like Creativity, Creator, no racist rant or talk
  • No threat of any violence suggested or implied
  • Cannot contain anything about racial occurrences happening out here, rallies, etc..
  • Don’t address Matt with the title “Reverend.” “Brother Hale” or just “Matt” seems to get through for now.

Thank you.
Free Matt Hale!
Save the White Race!
White People Awake!


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