MALWARE & VIRUSES: Thousands of infections! What an insane day … I fixed a *LOT*


I spent the entire day working on nothing but malware and viruses on my websites. At times I was horrified by what I saw on AfricanCrisis and HistoryReviewed. My little White-shop was infected, in every part. The shopping cart, the checkout, the customer’s account. There wasn’t a place that wasn’t infected.

Last time I worked on the malware, I found and got rid of a total of about 3,800 infections on the "front end" of the website. Today, on all my sites together, I cleared out just under 7,000 infections!

But the real nightmare was the "back end", the server, and the physical programs that were infected. In total, I removed infections from 547 programs!!! I was just staggered by the amount of garbage filtering into my systems.

I got a serious shock today. At times I wondered if I would ever get my sites cleaned.

The good news is that all the infections came from one malware source. They were all the same. But I even searched in case there were others.

I will have to spend some hours, twice a week, for some weeks to come, hardening my servers. There is something seriously wrong that some things are still breaking through.

But the job I did was much more thorough than what I did last time. My biggest breakthrough was actually fixing and removing infections inside the actual programs on the server. That horrified me.

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

In the coming weeks, inbetween hardening my sites, I will look into things like early detection of problems. I was astounded at how much had been done on my sites.

I will actually run scans twice a week as well. I cannot let these things get out of hand like this.

I’m too tired to post anything further now. I’m going to bed. But I’m really pleased.

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