LYING BY OMISSION: John Kaminski: Chicken shits like Lew Rockwell NEVER MENTION JEWS!!!

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My comments follow below, because I responded, as did Jim Rizoli.

It was really incredible to see John Kaminski come out landing some hard punches on people in a private conversation. This is what he wrote:

You ever notice how Lew Rockwell never talks about the Jews? Jews in Israel, Jews in the White House, Jews in the Congress, Jews in the media, Jews in academia, Jews in the med schools, Jews in the boardrooms, Jews on your local school boards . . . I could go on! When Jews invented the Federal Reserve in 1913, we were doomed then. Nothing but wars and economic depressions ever since. Now we have Jews applauding ex-convict drag queens molesting first graders in public schools, Jews assisting gullible black morons burning down our cities and venerating criminals who were rightfully shot by police committing crimes, Jews fixing elections and deceiving readers of local newspapers into believing they should take an untested poison shot that will kill them all very soon, Jews who plan on killing everyone in the world except for a few malignant narcissists without backbone who they plan on using as slaves or as reservoirs of blood whom they can terrify and drink that blood to maintain their lofty positions in society.

You are all chickenshit motherfuckers afraid to name the Jew for fear they’ll steal your paychecks or cost you your job, and as a result you are the people who are destroying the world by keeping your mouths shut about something everybody already knows. You are the ones destroying the country for not objecting to the neverending crimes the USA constantly commits, the World Wars, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Paradise California, and endless number of false flag atrocities that can always be traced back to the CIA and FBI, all operating under the supervision of the Mossad.

Lew Rockwell never talks about how the Skull & Bones sadists at Yale University created Communism in China and funded the Soviet Union throughout the 20th century, how Jewish doctors hid carcinogens in all the vaccines and food, how Jewish scientists poisoned the skies with chemtrails and HAARP, and then put your mind to sleep for good with an endless array mindnumbing irrelevancies on TV, in the movies and in schools.

Real humans need all shitheads like you to take Fauci’s booster shot as soon as possible so we can get you off the planet as soon as possible and try to begin to build honest societies that don’t mistake manipulative mythologies and crass fictions as common sense. You have one more chance to tell the truth and do something about all this, but I don’t believe any of you are up to the task because you’re all so lost in your own bullshit and afraid to tell the truth.

You’ve already killed yourself and the next generation. What’s your next trick. More hula hoops.

John Kaminski

I responded:
John, now you are talking man! Now you are talking!!!!!
I’m so glad someone is pointing this out.
This is why I am so wary of these guys including unz.
Never trust the good jew.
I am so wary of them, because they quietly slip things under people’s noses.
These people are the GODS of LYING BY OMISSION.

Then Jim Rizoli commented:
Excellent summation and I will add it’s not what is said it’s what is not said that’s important.Jim

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