Lovely Reader comments from Sweden…


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S.Africa: Black Man arrested for sex with donkey
A 34-year-old man ... busy with donkey love...

A reader wrote: Hello Jan. I want to say many things to you but first of all the most important. Thank You very much for all your hard work. I really enjoy your videos and I find them amusing, relaxing and of course educational. If not you touch on so many great topics, I go research them for myself. I’ve been aware of and learing about the jewish lies and deceptions for quite some years now. I already knew about the holohoax before I found you. I’ll drop you some more lines another day. Hope you are doing good and find time to read this. Thank you again from a friend from Sweden. Hail victory!

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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

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