Lasha Darkmoon: Brexit Bombshell: British MPs Trash Democracy and Become the Enemies of the People


[I just got this in today from Lasha Darkmoon. Britain under this stupid Jewish piece of crap, is heading to ever newer lows.

The vast majority of these fake “leaders” are true enemies of the WHITE PEOPLE who bled and died for those nations. I have nothing but the utmost contempt for these people.
Yet they are protected by Police, Secret Service and Military forces whom they send off to kill whomever the Jews would like killed – or in the case of the UK, whomever the trillionaire Rothschilds would like killed.
Unfit to rule? Lasha is putting it mildly. Most of these leaders probably should be executed for their treason to the whites who built these nations. Jan]

Unfit to Rule

By Lasha Darkmoon

As British MPs trash democracy and become ‘the Enemies of the People’, the big question is: Who will deliver us from these knaves and fools?

“It makes no difference who you vote for — the two parties are really one party representing the interests of four percent of the people.” — Gore Vidal

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