Ken Starr a very disappointing US investigator relating to the filthy Clintons – Wife is JEWISH!


I see that with the Jew paedophile, Epstein, that the name Ken Starr pops up again. Ken Starr was a very high profile name on many occasions that relate back to the filthy communists, the Clintons, who probably are intertwined with Jews, I suspect. I recall that there were lots of high hopes for Ken Starr and he failed us time and again.

I see though that in his background he’s a Christian who married a Jewish woman who then apparently "converted" to Christianity.

So Ken Starr might not be a Jew, but he did marry a Jewish woman.

Anyway, Starr was a huge disappointment as I recall. He never went and really nailed anyone. He always ended up with soft balls. Rather pathetic.

A very disappointing man I must tell you. Very. Lots of dashed high hopes for Conservatives.

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