[It's very sad about Matt Hale. I wish we could help him. All one can do is to remind people about him. However there are so many others in jail. So many Whites in jail and nobody is listening. Matt genuinely believed he might stand a chance with Trump, but Trump has really failed our movement totally. I watch the (((nation))) that he is so in love with. Well, Trump is on his way out. We need to see what our movement can do. I think there is much hope derived from the insanity of 2020. I am sad for Matt and his mother and their supporters. It's so terrible. But to quit is not going to help any of us. I urge people to write to all Whites in jail because in a nutshell they are all POLITICAL PRISONERS because of the (((Liberals))). I wrote to Matt once and he wrote such a lovely reply back. But due to my own chaos and struggles it is one of many things I've just not published. KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE! Don't quit. Jan]

This is what Matt’s mom spread around.

Friends and Supporters: Matt received a beautiful letter from someone that failed to put their name on it. Matt has their address but not their name. He asked me to send out part of the letter hoping that the writer will write him again and include their name so he can respond to them. Here is that paragraph from the letter. If this is you, please write Matt again including your name. Thank you, Ms. H

"I have admired you for over a decade. I am so sorry for what they have done to you. Sadly this is the 1st time writing you. A dear friend of mine keeps us on our toes over you & to reach out to your mother. I sit her pondering what to do. We always praise your name. So many of us think of you daily. I wish you could feel the love that I see & hear for you. I wonder why we don’t do more for you. I think everyone is lost & confused on how to go about this. This isn’t fair to you or your mother. I hope you can forgive us for not doing more for you. Your name will be spoke of for generations to come. Again I’m sorry for what has happen [sic] to you."


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