Kaminski: Unnatural disease: Sick billionaires finance epidemics and race riots

Unnatural disease

Sick billionaires finance

epidemics and race riots



By John Kaminski



They want to keep us all sick because they are sick themselves.

Descriptions of their depravities are reflections of a species that will do anything but confront its own fear, a fear that dominates every move it makes and every drop of blood that is spilled violently anywhere in the world. It is a dream breaker nobody wants.

They want to take your life and spend it on ruinous trinkets that kill people for fun. Proud of their predations, their horrified children run from them.

The test is useless, producing different results for the same person in different attempts to test them. Multiple tests for the same person are counted as individual tests, inflating the total, heightening the fears and intensifying the restrictions on the new Jewish controlled artificial reality that already has significantly hijacked your mind.

You seem powerless to do anything about this.

That is what you gave them by your stupidity. And this is what the priests have taken from you with their corporatized lies serving no one else but the beast with the flaming eyes telling you that they can kill anyone they want in the blink of an eye anywhere on Earth. You have no doubt seen the mangled corpses.

Biden is a liberal political prostitute who will do or say anything his billionaire Jewish handlers tell him go say. He basically can no longer complete a coherent sentence.

And no matter how appealing Trump is to media-deluded morons, the bloody truth he is linked to the worldwide terror network known as Chabad Lubavitch that has been the engine of catastrophe for the human race throughout not only the 20th century, but throughout the entire known history of the world beginning with criminal activity in Egypt all those millennia ago that has been glorified into three totally stupid religions, all based on lies, in fact, you might call it ‘the vital lie’, the one that seen from the right perspective, can be seen in every move we make.

Constantly creating new aspects of our control mechanisms.

Remember that phrase. Chabad Lubavitch, the engine of catastrophe.

Can you imagine any more convincing evidence that media in America are a demented bunch of psychotic pedophiles than their nearly universal acclamation of the senile dementia stricken Joe Biden as our next president?

Biden said recently he would demand everyone wear a mask in public.

And just when you think they couldn’t top that for cognitive dissonance programming, we get . . .

BLM Protesters Demand Abraham Lincoln Statue Torn Down, Claiming ‘White Supremacy’


Now that Jew media have us by the throat, the drive to make us all insane and unreliable has intensified into this preposterosity. Lincoln freed the slaves, but that’s not good enough. Logically, tearing down the majestic Lincoln Memorial should follow as the perfect symbol of the destruction of the United States by the worldwide Jewish murder machine that totally controls and blames all its crimes on you. And uses gullible blacks to destroy the white mechanisms that saved them from the cannibals of their own kind.

This is Jew mind manipulation at its worst, much the same as you see in the Catholic church or in any dogma based religion.

The tests don’t work and the disease has still not been identified, yet the governments are imposing more lockdowns. And putting old healthy people into infected nursing homes so they can collect those $39,000 bounties on ventilators. Double counting the dead, double crossing the living. The perfect Jewish slogan.

The imposition of Communism under the guise of a medical emergency.

Your government acts as if they’re heroes when in fact these demented lunatics actually created the problem they now pretend to be bravely trying to fix by locking down the entire world and watching it curl up and die?

On its way to its final destruction.

And by foisting a so-called vaccine on the people that will change their characteristics forever.

The lockdown.

This didn’t happen by accident. The same people who deliberately created this disease are the same ones who are now telling us they’re trying to fix it by locking us down and giving us a vaccine from which no one will ever recover.


The trigger for the 2020 race riots across the United States has been Jewish control of media. which from all angles have whipped black people into a frenzy of resentment at their own impotence. Rather than the outcompeting their financial rivals they have taken to threatening to be paid for not outright robbing and killing white people.

Abetted by the crooked Jewish financial system, this seems to be happening in every nook and cranny of society.

In lockstep union, thousands of Jewish owned newspapers and other publications have all trumpeted the same theme constantly that history has been based on white control of blacks. This is nonsense. The paid riots that followed have antecedents in history, particularly in the French Revolution, where hired urchins rallied the hungry poor to assassinate the king and everything we held dear. This has been the formula of slave-making

Communism ever since.

And then there’s the matter of Joe Biden, the man with the rich gopher sons, constantly under indictment for one misdeed or another. Were Joe not a totally demonic entity, he would make the perfect men’s room attendant as international Jewish bankers pulled the cord on flushing America down the sewer of history. Of course, Biden is endorsed by every Jewish publication in the world despite this political hack’s obvious case of senile dementia

they want to keep us all sick

because they are sick themselves


we get sicker but we may live longer lives

that’s the tradeoff they have imposed on us.

They created this disease that is supposedly ravaging the world and now they expect us to believe they’re trying to fix us.

Why would they fix something that they have discovered in the perfect control mechanism. Keep the world sick so they can control us all and work for our ultimate demise.

Great revolutionary voices speak against it:

Chuck Baldwin

What is true is that the pandemic is an epidemic of government repression focusing on tracking individuals in their activities (if they tend toward freedom of conservative speech and religious expression) and confine them to living separate, censored lives. This is the only way the progressive agenda can press ahead. Inexcusably, too many republican officials and administrators accept the propaganda, ignoring their constitutional duty and becoming accessories to creeping tyranny.

Recommendation? Refuse testing for the virus. The vast number of false positive results make it of no use. Refuse vaccination when it is finally offered for being ineffective. Vaccines have proven to infect individuals more often than protect them against viruses. Do not relent from speaking out against ineffective, vain regulations being forced upon individuals under the guise of seeking a cure.


Gary Barnett

. . . fraudulent pandemic created for the purpose of gaining total control over all populations? Has not this practice of eliminating certain segments of the population been firmly in place since the beginning of this fake coronavirus scam? Which parts of the American populace have been targeted for death since the inception of this false crisis? It has been the old and infirmed, the poor, the weak of mind, and minorities, especially in the inner cities like New York.


Jews using blacks to destroy the country and independence.

Blacks don’t build things, they only do the bidding of others and tear them down. They use the gifts they’ve been given to kill the people who gave them, a lesson about Africa and Africans that the world pretends not to have learned.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.









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