Jim and Diane Present – LETTER FROM ALFRED (Brother) TO MONIKA SCHAEFER (Sister), Dec 27, 2020

[Very sad stuff, to think Alfred got several years in jail merely for defending himself against the ridiculous Jewish lies. It is insane what we live through these days, for no reason at all. Jan]

Write to Alfred Schaefer:

Political Prisoner
and Hero of Free Speach
Alfred Schaefer
Hindenburgstraße 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech

Mail from Alfred – taking it to the next level

by Monika

Mail moves much more quickly within Europe then from Germany to Canada these days. I received a scanned copy of a letter that my brother Alfred sent to a friend in Europe. It gave me cause for alarm. Alfred’s letter is somewhat cryptic, and he really does not dwell on the treatment he received, but rather sees this as part of the escalation of the war that we all find ourselves in.

It sounds to me like they have withheld food from Alfred as part of a "punishment". The "Bunker" which he refers to is a cell without anything in it, but has 24 hours/day camera surveillance. If it is anything like what the women described to me at the prison that I spent time in, they even strip you of your clothing, and give you some kind of paper outfit. There are no windows, absolutely nothing. But the prisoner in the bunker did receive food, pushed in through the hatch.

I do not believe Alfred was on a hunger-strike, and if I am right about that, it means that food was withheld. Until I receive another letter either directly from Alfred or via another correspondent, I will not know for sure.

Parts of this letter were cut off the scanned copy, so it is a bit incomplete. I will give an update as soon as I can.

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany

14 December 2020

Dear ___(name withheld),

The day that I dropped my previous letter to you in the letter box (Tuesday Dec. 3) was the beginning of a little odyssey for me. I call it "feeling the system", or "taking it to the next level" or "last second saving my honour" depending on how one wants to look at it. I ended up in the "Bunker”, in the hole. I felt very relieved that I had plunked the last letter to you in the box, it was the last letter I had gotten out before this, for me very important little story happened and I am infinitely happy that it happened even if at the time it was not easy, and its not over yet, and for me it truly was necessary.

The very notion that uniformed “civil servants” are beating down on women and children for not voluntary suffocating behind idiot masks “Maul Körbe” while I’m having a jolly good time with “vollpension” [full pension] was becoming more than I could bare. Then, the system basically communicated with me the way a rider communicates with his horse and gave me the spurs after I let them know its time. I just finished writing over 20 pages in my diary that goes over the details of this little exercise. Actually, it ran beautifully and increases the value of my time here since Dec 3 immeasurably.

For me this little exercise can also be called “engaging the system”. Risks may be high, but the rewards are even higher.

Everyone’s area of engagement will be different depending on where they find themselves, but together we could have this resolved in no time flat.

For me it is too much work in the next while to do any extra jobs [occasionally people have asked Alfred to edit or translate something ~MS] especially after my “engaging the system” and my recovery from this. (I ate no food for 5 days – had nothing to write with, etc etc)…

When I moved from St. Adelheim [Stadelheim Prison] in München to Uncle Adolf’s old place here in Landsberg last November 2019, the prison people freaked out when they saw the mail I was getting and blocked it. They warned me I could get myself killed in here with my bad attitude. I just laughed, the mail all started coming through…

[letter was cut off]… themselves killed with their own “bad attitude”. This inversion of fate is intensifying with each and every day. Without getting into details here now, I can assure you that whatever “rules” we were “supposed” to follow yesterday, may very well be worth nothing by the time you read these lines. In other words, send whatever you feel you want to send and that puts the onus on (((them))) if they want to make a fool out of themselves and explain what bad Worst Case Alfred must not see it.

The Central London Magistrates Court Bail Conditions for Alison Chabloz is a sick joke by any thinking human being standards. I would rather be dead than put my name on anything that pathetic. How can anybody remain complacent while those producing that lowest level garbage are telling us that we need to suffocate behind idiot masks until the rat poison disguised as “vaccine” can be injected into our children and into us? After a lifetime of “Never again Auschwitz”, “Never again will we jews be led to the slaughterhouse like sheep.” bla bla bla… and now, what do we see now?!?

Let me tell you, the young people I have met in the past days so clearly understand all of this bullshit. “Corona exists only on TV.” “The Jew will be ‘brother brother’ with you until he knows where you hide your money. Then he will stab you in the back and steal"…

One question for you: Do you know anyone amongst your friends or your enemies, old or young, who likes being taken for a fool and likes being lied to all their lives? Think hard!

Sorry, got another question for you. Do we have a word in our vocabulary that would adequately describe the Rage of the entire Human Race once the last of the Zombies has this simple thing figured out?

Last but not least: Whatever each and every one of us can do to facilitate the quickest return to our natural perception of reality to enable the survival of our people and the human race, that is what we must do. This is no longer a spectator sport. Doing nothing or pretending to be too stupid to figure it out will not qualify anyone to be any part of the future. This Corona insanity is the most wonderful thing since apple pie. I really do think they should make it mandatory for all people to always have their thumb stuck up their ass when in public. But only until we all get an injection of Rat poison. Then we can wipe off our thumb on the nearest person’s sweater and be healthy, happy, and smart again.

Isn’t it nice to be alive at the Peak of human civilization?

Am I ever glad I didn’t miss the magic moment.

Your (Worst Case) 88 Alfred

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