Jews say: The Alt Right Achieved nothing…

On the social media someone wrote this:
I love how they (Jews) say we accomplish nothing, while doing everything in their power to get rid of us.

Which is it? Are we incapable of doing anything, or a tangible threat?

I replied:
Brother don’t believe the Jewish crap. Jews are shit scared of the White Right. Keep noticing that they are working VERY HARD, with EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY TO BREAK OUR MORALE! They are trying to demoralise us. We must also keep in mind that our ENEMIES … JEWS and LIBERALS … WILL NEVER EMBRACE US. They will NEVER tell us we are RIGHT or GOOD, etc. THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ENEMY. They hate us and hate what we do. This is why all Whites will find that IN THE END, we cannot progress by words alone. Ultimately, we will all have to roll up our sleeves and get cracking. THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE CAN NEVER BE OBTAINED BY NEGOTIATION ALONE. If you want freedom, you must go out there and seize it. 14/88

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