Jews in Israel ask: Is Donald Trump The Moshiach/Messiah? – When Napoleon was the Messiah…


[These Jewish scum are treated unbelievably well these days. Our European brethren, from Spain, and across Europe have know the truth about this race of pure garbage for more than 2,000 years.

This Jew writes about some chat he had with his Rabbi blah blah is Donald Trump the Messiah. These Jews use the term Moshiach for their ridiculous “Messiah”. Words are cheap … and when they come from Jews they are at their CHEAPEST and most meaningless. This race of scum will say anything at any time. They are not a serious race. They are just a bunch of jackasses pretending to be something they are not (see The Great Jewish Mask). Trump is unquestionably motivated by his own ego – as many ambitious men are. I think these Jews just wrote this in order (to use a South African saying) “blow smoke up his ass!” So if Trump gets to see that the stupid Times of Israel prints this, then his ego goes up, and he will give even more to this race of spoiled rats. Meanwhile, this has no meaning actually.

The Jews, for the record dream of their Messiah as one with a SWORD who will come and KILL ALL THEIR ENEMIES – which is all the rest of us. Now the closest this race of scum came to having a Messiah, was in the time of Napoleon. As part of the French Revolution, whereever Napoleon conquered, he also fixed things. He made changes all across Europe … mostly for the better. He improved literally every country he touched. And as part of the French revolution’s idea of Liberty, he also set the Jews “free” from their ghettos. (The truth being that in earlier times they had ASKED TO BE PUT IN GHETTOS). Napoleon, being a military leader of great talent was indeed almost like their stupid Messiah. Indeed, he set out to help this race of scum. Then a few years later he realised they were busy with their nation destroying and that is when he issued some edicts to put this race of garbage in their place.

So regardless of what Trump is doing for them, Napoleon helped them even more. Indeed, Napoleon in many ways unleashed this race of filth upon Europe and then tried to ram them back into the Pandora’s box they came from, but it was too late. In my view, he did not mean to be malicious. He did many very good and great things in his life, which many people are not aware of. But he was young and he did not realise what he was dealing with until the time he issued his edicts – after having tried to deal with this race of pure garbage – whom no sane person can ever deal with.

So for a short while, Napoleon was the Messiah … and that was soon forgotten. These Jews are a race of garbage … never to be taken seriously, and never to be accorded any of the graces which we whites accord ourselves. Martin Luther, like Napoleon, felt sorry for them at first, until, like Napoleon, he later realised what a race of human filth he was dealing with. HOWEVER, this happens to almost everyone who deals with them. Even Goebbels himself, was soft on the Jews when he was young, until he realised what a race of pure scoundrels he was dealing with.

As for Trump’s love of Israel … well that’s like casting pearls after swine. But Trump and his daughter and the whole love-fest with Jews … is truly sickening. In that sense Trump has truly been a disappointment.  Jan]

Don’t laugh. Chaz”l, our great Rabbis of the past, have said that Jews will most likely not recognize when the Moshiach/Messiah first comes. Therefore, I wanted to help my fellow Jews review the possibilities.
When the Messiah comes, he will in all likelihood, first move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim/Jerusalem. When the Messiah comes, he will tear up the horrendous and ridiculous Iran Nuclear Arms Agreement of 2015. When the Moshiach comes, he will close the PLO offices in Washington DC and revoke the PLO representative’s family passports. When the Messiah comes, he will somehow stop funding the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organization that has given millions of dollars for Palestinian terrorism in Israel.
When the Moshiach comes he will appoint two of the most pro Israel non-Jewish Americans to important positions in the American administration, Nikki Haley and John Bolton. Jews celebrate a holiday called Chanukah, in which oil burned for 8 days, even though it was supposed to last only one day. If that is truly a miracle, then what would you call what President Trump has done for Jewish people over the last 2 years? Any Jew who does not acknowledge President Trump’s modern day miracles, is truly ignorant of Jewish history. Those Jews who sinfully criticized the President’s trip to the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, should forcefully bang their chests for hours next Yom Kippur.
To say that President Donald Trump is antisemitic, or that he was in any way responsible for contributing to the Pittsburgh shootings, is the ultimate in stupidity, foolishness and arrogance. Shame on any individual that said or implied such an obnoxious conspiracy theory, which is known as a “Chillul Hashem” in Judaism. Actually, the real antisemites think that the Trump presidency and the Jewish state are both illegitimate. Haters of Trump and haters of Israel seem to be quite similar in their intellectually evil thinking, two peas in a venomous pod.
Even the liberal “fake” media are similarly obsessed with Donald Trump and Israel, and usually in a negative way. The First Lady wears a jacket with some writing on it and the press doesn’t stop criticizing it for 3 days. Two Palestinians are killed at the Gaza border, after having sent a burning, explosive kite into Israel, and the stories do not stop. President Trump has created a roaring economy, and Israel treats sick Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza; yet both get almost no mention. It must be “Moshiach Tzeiten,” “The Time of the Messiah.”
Everyone knows that Jews are considered “The Chosen People,” so is Donald Trump that “Chosen” one as well? According to the Bible, often, when some group or some individual is “Chosen” by God for a task, they will not be accepted and more than likely be hated. The Talmud teaches us that the reason for thousands of years of Jewish hatred, has been because we were “Chosen” to give The 10 Commandments to the world. No wonder Israel is called racist, apartheid, occupiers and no wonder Donald Trump has been called a separator of families at the border, a misogynist, racist, homophobic and sexist. When you are truly ”chosen,” people lie about you.
We learn that the Messiah will reinstate the Sanhedrin—which is the Supreme Court. In Isaiah 1:26, when referring to the Messiah, it says, “And I will restore your judges as at first.” Is this the Biblical prophecy that Trump’s Supreme Court nominees will be conservative originalists, like the Founding Founders once were? Let us not forget that President Trump, through his daughter and her family, is now somehow a part of the Chosen People. Ivanka and Jared are an amazing religious Orthodox Jewish couple with truly incredible children. This just may be all part of God’s plan.


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