Jews in America lie about how excellent Nigerians are…


On the social media someone was pointing out the Jewish CNN lies about Nigerians and how they are among the most beautiful people in the USA…

I responded:
LMAO about Jews in the USA lying about the Nigerians. Nigerians are the biggest criminals in Africa. They come to S.Africa to commit crimes & run syndicates here. This type of Jewish lying is the same as “Good News South Africa”, which had INTENSE pro-black lying here in SA about 15-20 years ago. They lied inside and outside south africa about how successful South Africa now was under black rule. They were funded by bank and corporate money and they lied and lied. They were the first group I attacked in my AfricanCrisis days. They were the first website that I went to war against, and my supporters and i decimated their reputation. And they disappeared totally a few years later. These Jewish MF can lie about blacks. So irritating to see how they’re telling their same junk in the USA. These black Africans will be a nightmare for you whites. Jews are filth. Race of liars. There’s nothing more to say really.

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