Jews hate Prussia, the original heart of Germany THE MOST…

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The Jews hate Europe, but in Europe they hate Germany the most, and inside Germany they hate PRUSSIA the most.

I just want to touch on a few points:-

  1. Oswald Spengler, whom I have quite a lot of respect for, and who may be the best "prophet" of all time in terms of predicting what the world would be like, was a huge proponent of "Prussianism". Prussia is the original kingdom which created modern Germany. The Prussians were the most militaristic Germans. They attained greatness under Frederick the Great. But they retained a militaristic attitude until, under the rule of Bismarck, they fought wars which resulted in the creation of modern Germany. Spengler, writing before the time of Hitler, advocated "Prussianism" as the solution to the problem of RACE. He said that you don’t have to be a Prussian or a German in order to be Prussian. You merely had to have those values in yourself. One could say that the NAZIs were the people who had values closest to that the most. But keep "Prussianism" in mind.

  2. After WW2, which was basically a war for JEWISH SURVIVAL, Prussia was removed from the map. Prussia was just one of the German states that made up modern Germany. The Jews had Prussia as a place totally removed from the map. That’s how much they hate it.

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