Jews: Exposing Fifth-Column Extremism

November 26, 2022/18 Comments/in General/by Esther Watcher

Israel’s dangerous extremism is not predicated on any kingmaker per se as put forth by a New York Times op-ed by Joshua Leifer, Israel’s New Kingmaker Is a Dangerous Extremist, and He’s Here to Stay (11/7/22). Rather, the dangerous extremism is from Jewish supremacism itself with its toxic insinuation into the body politic of virtually every country in the West in the form of what might as well be called, to use a well-known phrase, a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG).

The ZOG media endlessly propagandizes that the US is populated with extreme right-wing domestic terrorists. Yet, there is little evidence to support such assertions; to wit, the bankrupt show trials of the January 6 House Select Committee. The NYT piece clearly suggests it is in fact Israel that is brimming with extreme right-wing domestic terrorists, racists, and ethnonationalists.

As much as the liberal-left apoplectically fear-mongered that Trump was Hitler incarnate, the record in hindsight shows he never came close to being a führer. Trump is devoid of strongman DNA. He is simply a vulgarian narcissist playing his ZOG-assigned role of demagogue. The real authoritarianism is coming straight from the Jewish-controlled Democrats hellbent on destroying society with fascist plandemic policies and totalitarian cultural Marxism. All to build us back better with their transhumanist wet dreams.

The NYT op-ed reports widespread agreement among Jewish Israelis that “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.” How different is that from the 1930s collaboration of Nazis and Zionists for the Haavara Transfer Agreement? With zero evidence to date, holocaust gaslighters (no pun intended) insist we believe that this major effort to expel Jews from Germany was (they contend) a policy to exterminate Jews. Ha! With ever more self-projection, the true expel-cum-exterminate agenda is that which Israel is irrevocably escalating with the Palestinians.

In the quest for a unipolar, king-of-the-hill, New World Order, the West has been neo-conned by Zionist Occupied Governments to take on Russia and China, the world’s other two superpowers. On our backs, USA is the village Israeli Firsters are destroying as they inveigle us to believe defeating Russia will save us. The American people and our democratic traditions are being Palestined First-World-style.

While Vladimir Putin is no angel, many supporters see him as the hero in this epic superpower struggle. Russia is leading the charge for a sovereignty-based, Eurasian approach to global affairs — a kinder, gentler New World Order, if you will — as exemplified by three impressive Russian thought leaders:

The late Lev Gumilev is a highly respected academic whose unique theory of ethnogenesis explains why Talmudic Jews incite destruction wherever they go.

Alexander Dugin is a brilliant, much-admired philosopher who promotes a traditionalist society in opposition to the tyrannical Great Reset — ideas so dangerous his daughter got assassinated as the result of a plot intended to kill Dugin.
Sergey Glazyev is a world-renowned economist and creator of a new monetary system based on a multipolar “well-being” for all — a critical challenge to the BlackRock/WEF globalist banksters’ hegemonic unipolar plans.
In this Manichean set-up, it is imperative we support the multipolar alignments taking place among Russia, China, and the Global South in opposition to the globalist Jewish-dominated, totalitarian, unipolar agenda. Alarmingly, just as throughout history Jews have always funded both sides, their neo-liberal financier branch is worming its way into the various multipolar alliances, in part through inroads they made over the years in China. (Noting China is merely a junior partner to Jewish Power, one pundit quips, “Blaming China without Naming the Jew is like seeing Robin but not Batman.”)

In accord with Kissinger’s opening of the Chinese market, the country at this stage is awash with banksters rubbing their hands at China’s potential for vast wealth and world domination. Will China’s leadership be tricked into becoming the avenue through which BlackRock-led elite Jews hijack the Yellow BRICS Road? Or will China summon Taoist discernment and recognize Talmudic infiltrators disguised as Tikkun Olam saviors?

Many outside the West give credence to Gumilev’s theory of ethnogenesis that Jews are bad news for humanity. Rank-and-file Jews — whose elite brethren would readily dismiss any common cause by throwing them under the bus if need be — should expand their partnership with non-Jews in this eschatological clash. For example, Jews of conscience need to denounce the ADL for its persecution of Kanye West and other brave advocates exposing the breadth and depth of Jewish Power.

As their technocratic Covid coup d’état helps put the Chosen People within reach of global control, it’s more critical than ever that citizens of the world — with non-partisan Jews front and center — see through these Bankman-con-man deceits so we don’t all get Fried. It is imperative we understand that civilization, if not nature itself, is at extreme risk right now from this global Fifth Column with their ancient aspirations to rule the world.


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