Jews = Emotion Vs Whites = Logic, Reason, IQ, Mathematics

[I wrote this to someone who wrote a bunch of babble about EMOTION, saying that Jews are logical and we should think in terms of emotion. I was HORRIFIED by what I was reading. I couldn't believe that someone did not grasp our civilization. Our Pagan ancestors were the inventors of logic, reason, etc and if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to do the science we have done. I must tell you, I was totally horrified that someone dared to write what they did. I told the person to go and study our history. Jan]

Here’s what I wrote:-

The rise of REASON, is what the Ancient GREEKS and ROMANS pioneered.

Reason, logic, thinking, IQ … was all done, initially by the Greeks, then the Romans.

Critical reasoning, logic, mathematics … even the first analogue computers were being built 2000 years ago by them…. At a time when Jews were wandering around with goats in the middle east.

Hitler MOCKED Jews as scientists. He couldn’t even believe there were Jews in science.

I repeat what I said: The Bible is emotion.

Even when Jews use logic, they are far weaker than our civilization.

Garbage like Emotional IQ… which is big these days. I’ve been writing for quite some time now that I think Emotional IQ is Jewish garbage.

Look at Jewish politics in the USA.

Jews are pushing how Blacks FEEL, how people FEEL…

Everything is about putting FEELINGS BEFORE IQ, etc.

And IQ, which everyone has forgotten about … is the greatest predictor of success. It is scientific and is a wonderful invention.

It is the move away from IQ and intelligence that is insane.

The Pagans were the pioneers of logic, of reason, of legal systems, etc.

Feeling and Emotion is unreliable garbage. You cannot run a civilization on that.

That is why the LAW was created … as a concept of fairness, etc.

If there is a skill that all Whites need to be drilled in, is critical thinking.

Reason, logic, mathematics … These are the superior skills.


Emotion is something that should be turfed out the window. It’s only value is among ourselves so that we are not monsters to each other.

But everything else, whether it is politics, or any other faculty, should be based on logic, reason, science and mathematics.

We are the GODS of these things.

Mathematics has been described as the language of God (if God existed). If God existed, the only thing of importance would have been mathematics. Without math you can’t do a damned thing. Ships, Planes, rockets … electricity … plumbing … engineering… buildings. Without math none of this is possible.

I am amazed that I need to even explain these things to you.

I’m horrified that I need to make these points.

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