Jews do NOT always Win – MANY things go badly wrong for them…


Just a note that things do NOT always work out for the Jews. A great many things go wrong for them. What saves them is their ability to RUN FAST and to regroup elsewhere in another country, etc.

In South Africa THE MOST JEWISH POLITICAL PARTY, the DA, which was something where the Jews planned to put a black face on the front of it and to then win large numbers of votes … has been collapsing.

Things were so bad that the “white DA” (i.e. the Jews & Free Masons) had to fight the “black DA” and now the Jewess Helen Zille (a true Jewish communist), is faking it as a “white christian”.

She has now won.

But the entire political party was falling apart at the seams!

I have observed the Jews and blacks in South Africa, and I’m not impressed. I reckon, in the long term the whites will regain and have much more respect from the non-whites; whereas I predict that even the non-whites will hate the Jews. Its just a matter of time.


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