Jews claim excellent white man: Eustace Mullins invented hoaxes including 1952 Rabbi Hoax


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At the beginning of this book, I discuss why I think its excellent and some of the things that blew me away and impressed the hell out of me. This book is very long, but you can randomly listen to any part of it.

While digging into something that turned out to be related to Eustace Mullins, which the Jews claimed he was lying about, I stumbled on another piece of information where the Jews claim he is lying.

NB: NB: This is linked to another article I just published where I do into more depth on Jews claiming that Mullins lied. Its this: 1912: Did this British Jewish scumbag write about Jews using Racial Tension in the future?

NB: Normally when Jews, the arch liars of the world are claiming that someone else is lying, it is virtually a 100% certainty that it is them who are lying. I spotted this wikipedia article claiming that Mullins lied about this Rabbi. The Jews will lie when they see that some white has a fact about them that’s going to go viral and then they pull out all the stops to portray the white as the victim/liar. As Alex Linder has pointed out the Jews have been lying about the Jew, Leo Frank, who raped and murdered the young white girl Mary Fagan. The Jews to this day try to repaint him as the victim. (The whites did the right thing and lynched (executed) Leo Frank. Something which we whites should all be proud about.

Here is the instance where the Jews claim Mullins is lying:

Our Race Will Rule Undisputed Over The World

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Our Race Will Rule Undisputed Over The World is a fabricated speech often cited in antisemitic propaganda, supposedly given by a Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich. However, both the speech and Rabbi Rabinovich were, like the “Israel Cohen” of A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, fictitious creations of Eustace Mullins.[1][2]

The speech was alleged to have been delivered to the “Emergency Council of European Rabbis” in Budapest, Hungary on January 12, 1952. In it Rabinovich outlines a plan for Jews to subjugate the world via a “Third World War“. This forgery is taken as evidence for a Jewish plot against gentiles in much the same way as another hoax, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (invoked in the Rabinovich speech), is used as evidence of Jewish global conspiracy.[1][2]

Mullins claimed to have received a copy of the speech from a Bulgarian diplomat defecting from the Communist government. According to Mullins, the diplomat had been hiding in Budapest where he received a copy of the speech, and then escaped to Hamburg, Germany, where he was given Mullins’ name. The diplomat then allegedly emigrated to the United States, where he eventually met Mullins and gave him the copy.[2]

The speech was first published in the May 1952 issue of Women’s Voice and September 1952 issue of the Canadian Intelligence Service, published by the Ron Gostick and the antisemitic Canadian League of Rights. It also appeared in the antisemitic broadsheet Common Sense, (A Newspaper Upholding Christianity and Patriotism) published by Conde McGinley. The paper was notorious for its use of invented quotations and stories throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including, famously, a made-up quote by Nikita Khrushchev.[1][2]


I’m convinced that as Napoleon said: “Jews are guilty until proven innocent”, that Mullins must have had the facts and got them right, but the Jews are once more lying and claiming the white man is the liar when in fact the white man is telling the truth. It seems to me Mullins did really great work and spent many decaded digging into the Jewish issue. He made many important discoveries. But some, like the above and the one about Israel Cohen, might have made the Jewish issue go MAINSTREAM and so the Jews must have pulled out all the stops to destroy the evidence and produce a massive smoke-screen of lying. Then, over a long time, the Jews will come back with new lies about this, much later when nobody is noticing. They take advantage of time to make whites FORGET, and then the Jews are back with the same old bullshit as before. 

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I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

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