Jews & Christian confusion: Who are the Boers? Christianity confused Boers – Are the Boers Europeans or Hebrews or Israelites?

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I must tell you, today I was quite intensely irritated by a Boer lady I know. The Boers, like the Germans once were, are still very religious and believe in Jesus and the Bible.

But a small portion of them believe that they are the Israelites. In other words they believe they are the original people of the Bible. Alex Linder has pointed out that there are White Americans who believe this.

There was a Jewish Rabbi who fooled the British in the 1800s into believing they were the original Israelites from the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. They even fooled Queen Victoria into believing this. So Jews use the Bible as a means of just messing with people’s heads. When the Jews did this to the British, it resulted in the version of Christianity known as British Israelism.

Here in South Africa, you get all kinds of variants of Christian belief among the Boers and the Whites here. At one extreme you get these Israelite types, and then the others are your Zionist types – Christian Zionists and Israel lovers.

I was very annoyed with a lady whom I know is actually an Israelite type because she kept on being against the Germans and Hitler.

So I wrote an angry note to her saying: Boers are 60% Dutch and about 40% German – by DNA – roughly. They are EUROPEANS. Their language Afrikaans (which is 17th century Dutch), is a Germanic language. I told her Boers are GERMANICS! Germanic is a language. They are Germanic by language and definitely a type of Germanic tribe. The Dutch, etc are also basically a type of German. One supporter of mine called the Dutch the "Swamp Germans". The Boers are thus Northern/Western Europeans BY BLOOD LINE, BY ANCESTRY.

So I told the lady, Boers are NOT bloody Hebrews FFS.

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