Jews Censoring & harassing Bitchute – New restrictions on Bitchute


[I must say that Bitchute is truly the most amazing thing to have come out of Jewish Britain. Really. I never imagined we'd get something so useful from Britain. It is truly awesome. But the Jews are now harassing them and videos are being removed and things are being banned. This was a note sent by one of my European pals who makes videos. It will be interesting to see the pace at which Bitchute is harassed. This is a problem area. We're possibly going to lose the greatest thing we've had since Youtube. I think the only way forward is for people to create more video websites. We need them. This is a problem area that has concerned me for some time. Jan]

New restrictions on Bitchute

BITCHUTE strikes again

Unavailable Content

This channel is unavailable as the contents have been deemed potentially illegal within your country by our moderation team.

My channel is restricted ,( it is not deleted but you can watch it only with vpn or TOR) , the same situation is the same for the channels of NS Viking and Jan Lamprecht. The channel of Herr NordStorm is gone ;/

For now the US base channels are ok .

Bitchute is way too jewish for my taste.

Kampf bis zum Endsieg!

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