Jews can lie faster than all the Scientists, Academics and Police can counter …


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White Shop: Rhodesia: Military Patch: Be A Man Among Men Morale Patch
This patch is based on a Rhodesian Army Recruitment poster that we used to have in Rhodesia which read: Be a Man among Men.

Jews can invent lies faster, and tell lies quicker than all the White scientists, academics, police, lawyers, judges, teachers … can counter them. This is a fact. The truth requires facts, and it requires care and hard work. But to lie requires nothing except a sick Jewish imagination and a desire to confuse and fool people. That’s how the world currently works. But don’t despair. The Truth still is like a bull dozer …

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Video: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out
People have asked me if I still talk to my Jewish friends? Heres the full story of what I did and the resulting consequences. This is how I awoke to the Jewish problem and what I did.

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