Jews at work: MailChimp is now also censoring people…

[Guess who is "woke" now hey? The Jews are clearly trying to cut off any method of moving money, information, etc. Whether it's videos … or websites … or even EMAILS! This was sent out by a US Conservative. He doesn't say JEWS … but JEWS are the main censors WORLDWIDE! Jan]

America’s Godzilla of Truth
#GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth

America’s Censorship Blooms to MailChimp
Silicon Valley mandates what you can think and not think…Now Atlanta’s Mailchimp, email management, and delivery vendor throws in with the woke cabal

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Yesterday, my email distribution vendor of 15 years, Mailchimp suspended our account for six hours and blocked the distribution of our newsletter.

In so doing, our content to our opt-in subscriber list was delayed for half a day. Our account was locked, and we were not able to send out any form of communication.

The reason given: our content apparently “violated the terms of service.”

No other explanation was provided. We were forced to file an appeal, and finally, Mailchimp unlocked our account, after causing disruption and delay.

While we are well aware of email list or subscriber issues that periodically go under review, we were shocked at our first content lockdown.

Is our non-descript email vendor now deciding on what can go in my newsletter? Are they monitoring political views or determining what events we can cover?

We came within hours of pulling our account and placing it with another vendor.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) just had her Twitter account suspended for a week for “violating the terms of the agreement,” whatever that means.

Next up, former MLB All-Star Aubrey Huff was permanently suspended from Twitter.
According to a report in that bastion of Leftist progressive thought, the San Francisco Chronicle — citing a Twitter spokesperson – Huff was expelled for “repeated violations of [Twitter’s] COVID-19 misleading information policy.” Seriously?
Huff’s crime? He reported on the risks of vaccines by various medical professionals and encouraged consulting your physician for informed consent.

Huff, an acknowledged bold MAGA and Trump supporter on social media—exalted his banning on his Instagram account.

“It finally happened! The beta cucks and liberal Karen’s over @twitter hate when people speak the truth or make money [off] their liberal platforms!” Huff posted. “This a badge of honor! I’ll never stop! Don’t you patriots!!” he added.

The cancel culture is now creeping its way into all aspects of your life, including your electronic communication. It’s real, and it’s scary. It’s George Orwell 1984. Only he was 33 years too early.
BIG TECH Vs. Your Freedom of Thought
By Jason Miller – – Reprinted from the Washington Times

The past 12 months have without a doubt been the worst year of censorship our nation has faced, with Silicon Valley’s Big Tech oligarchs taking more liberties with our liberties, brazenly dictating what is acceptable to say and think. By no means is this the first time free speech has been challenged or threatened in our Country, but never before has so much happened so quickly, and never before has the media been a complicit partner in it all.

Over the last year, we’ve seen Big Tech put their thumb on the scale of a U.S. presidential election, censor a president, collude with another president to silence conservative voices, “shadowban” or even de-platform tens of thousands of additional voices, suppress the origins of COVID-19, cancel many who questioned the shifting “science” of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and most egregiously, cover for the dreaded Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world.

And this has all happened under the guise of removing and blocking so-called “misinformation.”

These unelected California billionaires must have our Founders rolling over in their graves.

Technology has always been critical to the growth of self-expression, religious liberty, and freedom in the United States, but digital tyranny from these so-called unimpeachable arbiters of truth works squarely against our fundamental rights as Americans. It’s a dangerous trend, as social media has become the public town square of discussion in the 21st century.

That’s why GETTR— a new “cancel free” social media app approaching 2 million users—is surging in popularity. On GETTR, users worldwide can engage in a marketplace of ideas on a platform that challenges Big Tech’s control on information sharing and the public discourse. And the past year has highlighted the need to challenge the status quo now, more than ever.

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