JEWS AT WORK: High-Brow Propaganda (Un)Scientific American Magazine Endorses Biden


[From Mike King … mentioning… cough cough… Jews, Jews, Jews. Jan]

MSM is Fake News. "High-brow" magazines are Fake Information. Time to boycott any and all FAKE/lying-information magazines = "high-brow" propaganda.

"The editorial, which was bylined by the magazine’s editors and primarily written by Josh Fischman, a senior editor.

Fischman, eh? (cough cough) — Every — Single — Time.


"We all knew the moment would come. It could have been over Iran or North Korea, a hurricane or an earthquake. But it may be the new coronavirus out of China that tests whether President Donald Trump can govern in a crisis—and there is ample reason to be uneasily skeptical." (emphasis added)

Yes — (((they))) "all knew" all right — because it was a damn CONSPIRACY!

REMEMBER: Joan Rivers – Shortly before Joan Rivers suspicious death, she remarks that Obama is gay and Michael is a transsexual. "We [Jews] all know."

ANYT 9192020

ANYT 9192020

SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 NY Times: Scientific American, backing Biden, makes its first ever presidential endorsement .

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