Jews at work: Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket – New book by journalist Shane Dowling


[It seems to me that whenever you hear the word paedophile, then you must know Jews are nearby or involved or driving it, etc. This weird sexual crap seems to always have a Jewish link. Jan]

My new book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket”, which is my second book, was released for sale on Monday the 28th of September 2020. It deals with true crime, political corruption and judicial corruption.

You can order now at BookDepository,,, or It is also available online on US websites Barnes and Noble and and other online bookshops. The front and back covers are below with more information.

The back cover:

Update 10/12/20

The below video is a book review by UK barrister Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Richmond Green Chambers, Reviews Editor, “The Barrister”, and Mediator which was published on YouTube on the 9th of December 2020.


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