Jewish White-Hating Canada: Diversity Minister Gives $268,000 to Anti-Free Speech Group for Booklet for Schools That Calls the Red Ensign a Hate Symbol

[These globalist filth need to be run out of Western nations. These bastards are busy replacing Whites and seizing control of economies. Jan]

Canadian soldiers fought under the Red Ensign in World War I and II and Korea. Both my parents did. But now Canada’s official flag until 1965 — it actually was never repealed — has been labelled a "hate symbol" in a taxpayer funded booklet produced by one of Canada’s most vehemently anti-free speech groups, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

We warned you and many perceptive nationalists in the U.S. did too: "Diversity" is a code word for anti-White. The term is Orwellian in that it’s reality is the opposite of the surface meaning. Just as the Ministry of Peace in Orwell’s novel 1984 was really the Ministry of War, "diversity" means fewer White people and certainly not a variety of ideas. If your company embraces "diversity", it wants fewer people like YOU!

Look at this article."Diversity" Minister Ahmed Hussen has given the militantly anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network $268,400 to produce a book for schools to fight hate. The book is sloppy and contains not a word about radical Islam, "Hate" has a specific meaning in the Criminal Code. Virtually none of the groups or views they smear as "hate" has ever been charged let alone found guilty under the law. "Hate" is really views or opinions the Canadian Anti-Hate Network hates and those include the Red Ensign and Donald Trump. Although the book’s title

It is outrageous that a Somali citizen — Hussen still is — who was welcomed as a refugee and became Immigration Minister in 2016 and allowed the invasion at Roxham Road — would so repay Canadians by funding this bigotted attack on free speech. The booklet is full of opinions it finds unacceptable and urges teachers and students to try to suppress. For instance, Gay Pride, Black Pride, Latino Pride are all good, but Euro-Pride of White Pride are "hate" and to be banished from schools

Listing the Red Ensign as a "hate" symbol, the flag Canadian soldiers fought under in two world wars is an insult to Canadian history and to Old Stock Canadians/et Quebecois de Souche who built this country.

The booklet is full of opinions it finds unacceptable and urges teachers and students to try to suppress. For instance, Gay Pride, Black Pride, Latino Pride are all good, but Euro-Pride of White Pride are "hate" and to be banished from schools. The book’s title speaks of banishing "hate" from schools but there is no mention of radical Islam or violent environmentalism, only views of populists and the right.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is a propaganda front for some of the government’s anti-free speech policies. Apparently, it also got a $268,000 grant this year for its website. It received grants last year and in 2020. In 2020, they also received $500,000 from the Bank of Montreal as part of its Black Lives Matter funding in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Among CAHN’s directors are two of the most determined opponents of free speech in Canada — Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman and former Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber, now CAHN CEO.

Gov’t-funded school pamphlet calls Canada’s Red Ensign a “hate symbol”

By Andrew Kozak

A booklet made for school children that calls the Red Ensign flag a hate symbol and identifies the Conservative Party as a target of “infiltration” by racists was approved by Cabinet yesterday as a taxpayer-funded project.

“This new resource will be delivered through workshops in schools across the country and it will help raise awareness with students,” Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen told reporters. The booklet would help “teach core values to our kids,” he said.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Hussen approved a $268,400 grant to fund the guide Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools. The guide, written by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), also warns students to be wary of classmates who speak fondly of Donald Trump.

CAHN is a federally-subsidized group that earlier received an identical $268,400 grant to operate its website. Hussen says it is “an organization that I respect very much.”

In a chapter on “hate promoting symbols,” the booklet names the Red Ensign flag as offensive even though it was used as Canada’s national symbol until 1965.

“Its usage denotes a desire to return to Canada’s demographics before 1967 when it was predominantly white,” the booklet says.

Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools.

The booklet refers to the Conservative Party twice as a group whose members include bigots and “groypers” defined as a “loose collection of young white nationalists.” Without elaborating, the guide writes that “they sometimes attempt to infiltrate mainstream Conservative political parties.”

“In 2020 McMaster University Conservatives were scrutinized by allowing members with overly bigoted beliefs and ties,” wrote CAHN. They also cited their own website as a source. Common “conservative campus groups” were also named.

No other political parties were named in the guide.

The guide also asks children to challenge other students who speak in favour of “problematic” public office holders. “Sometimes educators and students will find themselves in the position of requiring an immediate response to a student in class who invokes a bigoted ideology,” it says.

“While these situations should be treated carefully they need to be addressed as they happen,” the guide writes. “These incidents can range from mild to severe and each will require its own approach depending on the situation. Examples: A student argues in favour of a problematic politician or policy, e.g. Trump’s wall, in a classroom discussion.”

In addition, children should be aware of classmates who invoke “a free speech issue” in political conversations. Citing free speech was among “common defenses of hate propaganda,” said the guide.

Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said the booklet would lead a whole campaign to educate young people and “fight and win against hate.”

“The point of this free toolkit is to help parents, educators and the community identify and intervene when a young person is being groomed and recruited by a white supremacist movement before it is too late,” said Farber. “It’s not just a free toolkit. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is launching a whole education program.”

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