JEWISH PURGES OF WHITES UNDERWAY: Jews are purging Frederick Blackburn’s Breakfast club as well….

[I got this message from Frederick Blackburn, who is an excellent southerner. I met him when I was in the USA. This guy helped me so much. Anyway, he was telling me about the huge Jewish purge that is now affecting them too. 

I've been doing backups of my videos and websites non-stop since Friday. I'm very concerned about my websites. 
But below is the note from Frederick Blackburn. We whites must just push on forward, regardless. It does not help to remain in the “go-nowhere zone” of remaining Politically Correct. Jan]

Frederick wrote this:

Greetings! Happy Monday! :)I just got this message. Yes, I saw your e-mail about problems with the web sites. (((They))) are really in PURGE mode right now. Our Breakfast Club site was removed from (((YouTube)))So far, our Spreaker and Jimdo Websites are still up. . . but we are busy backing everything up and moving it to new sites.

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