JEWISH POWER: All the Military help to Ukraine: When Jews want things to happen … they happen

I am pleased to see help flowing to Ukraine, but I am also somewhat irritated by this, because it shows Jewish power. Jewish power is causing weapons to flow to Ukraine from across the world. I see even Australia has some military weapons it will send to Ukraine.

So when the Jews open up that network to support their local homosexual, corrupt, Jew rat Zelensky, then you see weapons just pouring in. The amount of weaponry and the money involved is big. Thus the Jews are easily tapping the Western world and using it to save Ukraine.

I do like seeing Whites being supported, but I hate seeing Jewish power. So it does irk me.

If these were any other Whites, who were NOT RULED BY A JEW RAT, those Whites would get no help.

So I’m happy to see Ukrainians surviving, but I’m just hating seeing the extent of JEWISH POWER. This would never have happened without JEWISH POWER.

That is freaky. The International Jew rat that Hitler spoke of, is at work…

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