Jewish population supernova explosion – Hidden article

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By way of the 6 million fairy tale article I found a link to what looked like a really interesting article about the Jewish population. Now the topic of the ACTUAL population of these Jews is really critical. This is an area where a LOT of Jewish skullduggery and lying might be going on. We have debated before whether the Jewish population really is 15 million or whether there are millions of other hidden Jews.

I have written for example, why I believe the President of South Africa, a black man, may have converted to Judaism. I am quite convinced this is so.

How many Jews are there really?

Anyway, sadly, the article seems to be blocked from public view. I would love to know how to access it to read it. I found another article also, on the same blog that is locked. These articles are on a blog called WinstonSmithMinistryofTruth. I suspect that he’s blocked these articles probably to spare himself from the harrassment of the Jews – which I can understand. Perhaps he is even worried by court cases.

I wish I could get hold of it, and I would of course protect my sources.

Here is what I get when I go to what might be a fascinating article. It is very sad that Whites have to cowed and cringe all over the world. Its dreadful what has been done to us.

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