Jewish Mayor of Minneapolis admits Jews don’t care about a belief in the Christian God.


[This was sent to me by an American. There are no surprises here. The author is a White Christian. Jan]

Jewish mayor of minneapolis. He exemplifies a Jewish attitude. The satanic religion is just a front for their evil. They don’t care about the Christian God and he doesn’t care at all that his wife converted and joined their Jewish cult.

"I grew up very culturally Jewish. Bagels and lox on Sunday were far more critical than even a belief in God. My family, from Mother’s side anyway, they are all New York, Queens Jews and there is a culture in and of itself of a Queens Jew. Both the culture and the ethnicity and the pride in that culture and ethnicity is something I’ve always held very dear.

But the religious aspects and the belief systems themselves is something that I’ve leaned into more during this last year and a half than I have in quite some time. Part of that is everything we are going through and a yearning for that sense of deeper meaning and stability. A rock to lean on.

We belong to two synagogues: Temple Israel and Shir Tikvah. My wife converted a year and half ago. She did this on her own. No urging on my part at all. She wanted to convert before we had our daughter [Frida]. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. My mother is thrilled though. My wife, she’s been attending Zoom temple with Temple Israel."

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