Jewish madness: Biden Administration to Give Every Military Veteran FREE Genital Mutilation Surgery


[Look at where Jews take you. It's nuts. Transgender crap. Jan]

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IMAGE: Daily Stormer

By Snake Baker | 23 June 2021

DAILY STORMER — Call right now and sign up to die for Israel, and (if you survive) you will also get one free genital mutilation!

But that’s not all!

Call in the next ten minutes, and you will also get a free breast implant!

We will also throw in a second breast implant, absolutely free!

BBC News:

The US government has announced it will offer gender confirmation surgery for transgender veterans through its health care coverage for the first time.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) secretary Denis McDonough announced the change at a Pride event in Florida.

He said it would allow veterans to go through the full process “with VA at their side”.

Previously hormone therapy and mental health services were covered but not surgery.

Gender confirmation surgery, also known as sex reassignment surgery, covers a range of procedures which alter a person’s anatomy to match their gender identity.

Mr McDonough made the announcement in Orlando on Saturday. The city this month marked five years since a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub, killing 49 people. […]


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