Jewish Lives Matter MOST: Argentina increases border security following tip of bomb plot against Jewish target – My Comments


[Argentina is a country worth watching because it has a MASSIVE INFESTATION of Jewish scum. I have wondered how much Jewish nonsense is going on in Argentina that nobody really notices or writes about including the very weird financial problems that have occurred there over the last 20 years. But, Jewish lives matter most … and so the scum have to be protected at all costs. What I don't know, however, is who was behind these bombings in the past. Clearly, this is linked to Israel though. Jan]

Security authorities are investigating the identity of the perpetrator mentioned in the tip.
Remains of the AMIA Jewish center after the 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Credit: La Nación via Wikimedia Commons.

(November 15, 2020 / JNS) Argentina announced on Saturday that it is going to tighten security at its border with Paraguay after its embassy in Britain received an anonymous tip about a person possibly smuggling bomb-making materials into the country through that border.

The tip warned about the transfer of ammonium nitrate “for a bomb with a Jewish objective,” the Argentinean Security Ministry said in a statement reported by Reuters.

Security authorities are investigating the individual mentioned in the tip.

In 1992, the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires was attacked with a car bomb, killing 29 people; in 1994, a truck bomb blew up the AMIA Jewish community center there, killing 85.

Iran and its proxy Hezbollah were implicated in these attacks, and Hezbollah has used Paraguay as a base for its illicit financial operations.


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